Friday, 12 March 2021

Tulip Paintings

#1-Hot & Spicy (18x24" acrylic/paper)  SOLD

At some point early last summer I decided to take a break from landscape painting and paint more tulips, one of my favourite flowers. Over the years I have taken many photos of tulips as they mature, opening up their petals fully before they drop off. It's the expressiveness of the ageing petals that intrigues me the most and is the real subject. I played with those shapes, overlapped them, abstracted them, and used a palette that suited the mood I wanted. 
All of these paintings are in acrylic on heavy water colour paper.

#2-Perfect Love (18x24") SOLD             #3-Tulip Blues (18x24")  SOLD

#4-Tulip Threesome $90 (18x24")          #5-Abstracted Pinks $90 (18'x24")

#6-Wishing it was Spring $90 (16x20")             #7-Three Tulip Tango $90 (16x20")

#8-Pinwheel Tulips $90 (18x24")                           #9-Halleluja! $90 (18x24")

#10-Flower Power $90 (20x16")

And finally this one - a less abstract interpretation because that's what appeared as I painted.

#11-Point of View $70 (11x13")

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