Monday, 12 May 2014

Spring Diversions

Coffee Break
14" x 19", mixed media on paper
This is for sale - contact me for price if interested.

Where does the time go? Birthdays and Mother's Day have been celebrated, visits with family and social gatherings have taken place, the basement has been re-organized, closets have been cleaned and the cottage has been opened.  And yes, coffee and wine and good food, has been consumed, and life has been contemplated. In my spring cleaning I came across this mixed media work (watercolour, acrylic, pastel and collage papers )I did several years ago, which I always really liked. Perhaps it's the figure's pose that I am drawn to - one that reflects a contemplative state of mind.

So I have been busy - but not with painting - but that is about to change. On Friday I will be on a flight bound for Paris and then Marseille, and later that weekend will arrive at Les Bassacs, a hamlet in the Luberon Valley, in Provence. I attended a plein air painting course there at Arts in Provence in June of 2012, and this time I will be doing a one week program called 'Abstracting from the Landscape' in which "experimentation and innovation will be key".
Of course I still have a list of many things to do before Friday.....but I am hoping to prime the artistic pump a bit, before I leave, and play with my watercolours as they and gouache will be the main materials I will be using en Provence. So no excuses now for artistic inertia!