Saturday, 25 May 2019

Squaring Off

Squaring Off
10" x 10" - acrylic on canvas - $65.
I painted this a couple of months ago but had a hard time getting the shape just below the 'sky' the right colour. In my recent frenzy of finishing paintings that were almost done, I took another stab at it and finally the wee problem was resolved.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Playing With Blocks

Playing With Blocks
24" x 30" - acrylic on canvas - $450
In the winter of 2018 I was taking a 'Master Class' in Sarasota Florida and was experimenting with de-constructing the landscape into shapes of colour (think Richard Diebenkorn).  I eventually painted the work below, hung it in my house and this winter it sold to friends. 

In April I started a landscape that was very loosely based on a photo reference and the following progress shots show how it developed into the final painting. 
I really liked the potential in the beginning........

but by this point I hated everything about it! What to do....????
with nothing to loose.....I decided to abstract it by breaking the composition down into large rectangular  shapes using a soft white pastel to draw the lines... .
..then I began to see the potential (again) and kept painting, re-defining those shapes through colour and gradation.
Of course the work grew tighter as I painted but I liked the shapes so much that I went with it.  Eventually I added the tiny pieces of collage paper, which are more visible in the the detail below. The idea was to suggest that these colour shapes are lifting up and off the canvas.  
Have to say that I love the finished painting and am really excited about exploring these ideas further.....hope you like it too! 

Friday, 10 May 2019

Wild Garden & Escarpment

Wild Garden
24" x 30" - acrylic on canvas - $400
    This painting is about abstracting forms and using a more muted
(for me) palette.  In this painting I wanted to portray a garden-like field by breaking up the foreground area into abstracted shapes reminiscent of plants and behind that - trees, a lake and distant hills. I was really happy with the composition as it developed and eventually the palette and the overall dominant muted green hue. 

I actually started this work in 2017, however, it languished until this week for a number of reasons, both technical/artistic and timing. I have been on a bit of a 'studio cleaning up binge' lately, finishing a number of works in a similar 'almost done' situation and after an hour at the easel resolved some minor issues in this painting. It's done -  yeah! - and I am really happy with it.  

I have to say it looks fabulous next to another painting I did, started and completed two years ago, called Escarpment.
I now realize/see that I never posted it on this blog, so here it is...
30" x 40" - acrylic on canvas -$600
Again I abstracted the vegetation and trees, and used a palette with an overall dominant muted colour - blue-violet.
More finished works to come soon.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Inner Garden

Inner Garden
24" x 24" - acrylic on canvas - $375
This painting was inspired by the photo below, which apparently I took on June 4th 2017, while in France - though the view could certainly be anywhere in Canada, in June! I liked the arrangement of lights and darks in the photo and wanted to paint a really abstracted view of the scene. 
A couple of process shots follow. By the last photo I decided the light/white area at the right had to go, in spite of the photo. So it did, and I finished the painting. I loved working on this painting and the ultimate freedom it allowed me to move away from reality. Can't wait to start another and see what happens!

detail from finished painting

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Listen to the Trees

Listen to the Trees
24" x 30" - acrylic on canvas - SOLD
    This painting was inspired by an earlier one in which the individual brush strokes played a major role in the suggestion of form. Painting using this kind of brush work is a process of layering separate strokes of colour, and hoping that something emerges! 
    Two of the process photos are below and give you some idea of the way in which the painting evolved. The final colour scheme was a bit unusual for me (so much green) but what I really like are the 'neutral greys' or the light grey-greens. Unfortunately some of the subtlety and richness of the colours and palette (even the greys) are lost in the photo.