Monday, 8 March 2021

I am back - with lots to show!

#1: Escape to Blue $125 (16x16")

To say that it has been a while since my last post is an understatement! There are probably lots of reasons for the 9 month interval between then and now (one can’t forget that nasty worldwide corona virus pandemic) but it doesn’t really matter at this point - I'm back. The fact is that I have been painting throughout this period and that has been a great source of stress relief, comfort and joy. And I have lots to show too.  Over the next few days, maybe weeks, I hope to do some catch up posts based on the different subjects I have painted - abstracts, landscapes and flowers. My usual, LOL.

The paintings here are imagined abstract landscapes. They were not based on any particular place or photo reference, but were imagined and evolved intuitively. Some were more challenging to bring to completion, and others came together quickly. And I have to say I love them all.  Click on each to see a larger version. 

Paintings #1-5 are mixed media - mostly acrylic paint with collage elements added on canvas.

Kiwi Escape $125. (16x16")
#2-Kiwi Escape $125 (16x16")             #3-Ethereal Light $125 (16x16")

#4-Waterfall $125 (16x16")                #5-Time Travel $125 (16x16")

Paintings #6-8 are acrylic on canvas with the addition of marks in pen and or pastel.

#6-Escaping Reality $375 (20x20" acrylic/canvas)

#7-Mirage $375 (24x24" acrylic/canvas)

#8-Road Trip $375 (20"x24" acrylic/canvas)

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