Thursday, 1 September 2016

Rockwood - Another Variation on a Landscape Theme

Rockwood Variation
10" x 20" - acrylic on canvas  - $175
This post is about finding on-going inspiration in one photo reference. I took the original photo (below) last fall and have returned to it several times over the last year, each time considering how to re-create the landscape using a different 'format' (i.e. canvas dimensions), knowing that I would also play with colour and the other elements. Each time I started by cropping the original photo, looking for compelling compositions. 

One particular compositional format that I wanted to try was a 'very wide horizontal' as seen in Rockwood Variation. The challenge in painting on a relatively small canvas was to not go crazy on detail but try and keep the brush marks distinct and chunky, which also meant not over-working it. And I think I did that - yeah!  

The first painting inspired by this photo/composition was Arcadia Abstract (below). I am also working on another variation using a a much larger, vertically oriented canvas, and hope to post that one very soon.  

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