Monday, 11 March 2019


(Diptych 12" x 24", each panel 12"x12")

acrylic on canvas - SOLD
I am REALLY having fun painting 'imagined abstracted landscapes' across several canvases and then presented as a diptych or triptych. They have provided some welcome relief while painting larger works, and I think (or at least hope) that the smaller works will inform my larger paintings in a positive way. Time will tell I suppose. The title is really in reference to the hill shapes, or 'high lands'.  I have been to Scotland but have only seen photos of the purple heather on those hills, so there is a little creative imagining here. There's lots of great colour (think spring -it's coming) on these two small canvases and textural marks that enliven the surface too. While I try my best to ensure the colour you see in the paintings here is accurate, the paintings are much better in life. For instance the vermillion/orange on the right panel is a touch deeper and really beautiful. Have a great day!

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