Sunday, 12 June 2016

Study in Pink: the Ecstasy and the Agony

Study in Pink
mixed media: watercolour, gouache, pastel - 8" x 10"
I am continuing to explore painting in a looser abstract way and wanted to post another work that I started at the same time as Terra Firma.  It was inspired by the study above which I love. I had recently purchased some large canvases (36"x48", and 48"x60") and was eager to paint big, so opted for the 36 x48 and started out this way.....
It felt like a good 'start' and after about 2 hours I had this (2). It was a good time to stop and just look at it over the next few days, and consider next steps.

I really liked the painting at this point and probably should have left it alone, or at least done less when I finally returned to it.  However I started painting, tinkering, painting and refining - and then it was finished - but over worked and boring. (I forgot to take a photo of it at this stage)  I turned the canvas to the wall and waited until I was ready to be bold again.   Finally. after a few days, I thought what the heck, and with a purple acrylic paint marker in hand I began to draw on the canvas surface defining abstract shapes in the lower foreground and at the horizon line, while paying attention to the few areas I still liked.  Then I changed the colour of the middle ground using a very light greenish grey neutral that really looked great beside the pinks and reds.  Essentially I was adding in some large colour areas.


So here is what I have now (5) - but, it's not done yet! Though there are are more areas that I like, I still think some radical thinking and painting should/will happen. The composite needs work. It's hanging over my living room sofa and every morning, with coffee in hand  I contemplate what to do next. Any thoughts? - I would love to hear them! To be continued.....
5 - current state

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