Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Terra Firma - a new direction

Terra Firma
36" x 48"  - acrylic on canvas  - $1150
A few weeks ago while I was at my cottage and trapped inside by the black flies, I did some quick watercolour landscapes. Once home and with access to all my painting materials and some larger canvases, I used two of these studies as starting points for this new painting. Some paintings come together quite fast, and this was one of them. After painting for several hours I realized that I should start another one in order to not over-work this canvas. So I did and as I continued to work on Terra Firma over the next few days, I was able to maintain what I liked - the stylistic energy, created by the brush marks, varied shapes and dramatic value contrast.  I have to say that I am quite excited with what feels like a new direction for me - and will have more to show like this in the newt few weeks - so stay tuned!


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