Saturday, 3 October 2015

Catching Up

It has been awhile indeed. Life has been busy with travel, socializing, visiting and just stuff.  I finally got back to the studio and painting about 2 weeks ago after a 4 week hiatus - and started some new paintings, and tinkered with some old ones too.
Island Retreat  
(formerly called 'Blue Pines')
24" x 24"  -  acrylic on canvas - SOLD
I first posted this painting last September and called it Blue Pines . At the time I felt it was finished but more recently I began to feel that the palette was not quite right, particularly in the foreground rocks. I experimented with the image and colour in photoshop and decided on the changes that you see here - pushing the blues and yellows towards green, adding complementary reds, and giving the rocks more definition - and I was quite happy with how it turned out. 

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  1. Well, welcome back! And though I like Blue Pines, I prefer this one. I would be happy, too! Beautiful painting!!