Sunday, 14 July 2019

Rockin' the Shoreline

Rockin' the Shoreline
acrylic paint on wc heavy paper - 8" x 9.75" - $45
This is another small painting started and completed in the 'fast and loose' painting session from yesterday. Each in this group of 6 is quite different from the others, intentionally, as I had a number of ideas that I wanted to try out without a big time and material commitment. This one reminds me of a very large (4'x6') painting hanging in my living room (but is only about 85% complete - yes another  one of those not-quite-finished-paintings  - but at least the group is starting to shrink) in that there are lots of dark outlines around small and large colour patches and when seen together make up this wonderful kaleidoscope of a landscape. Here is the work in progress...

I think this small painting has some potential for being worked up into a larger canvas, and if that happens, I will definitely get the other one done too. There are just so many things to paint!!!! Love the line, shape and pattern here, and of course the palette of pinks and greys. 

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