Sunday, 6 August 2017

Olive Grove at Les Bassacs

Olive Grove at Les Bassacs
30" x 40" - acrylic on canvas - $700
In July I kept returning to my photos taken in Provence searching for subject matter and in particular, olive trees, which I love. (Maybe it's because I really like eating olives, or associate them with Van Gogh, or just see them everywhere in the south.) I chose a photo featuring a group of olive trees, which as you can see, is quite dark, but once 'lightened' seemed like it had potential.

Here are two of the earlier stages.

I was really happy with how this one turned out, and in particular with the palette and stylized foliage. 


  1. It's obvious you love olive trees, Pat. I love your paintings of olive trees!! I could park myself right under one of these beauties.