Saturday, 15 July 2017

Summer Woods

Summer Woods
30" x 40"  - acrylic on canvas - $700
Since the beginning of July I have been living in my 'cabin in the woods on a lake' in the wilds of Haliburton County, about 3 hours north of Toronto. The weather had been mostly unseasonal, unfortunately, but at least it has not interfered with painting. I started this canvas a few weeks ago and it evolved slowly in terms of composition, palette and brushwork to its final form. And I am finally, very happy with it.  The overall colours and especially the yellows, pinks, and reds are actually a little brighter than what you see here and the background purples (on right) are slightly greyer and lighter in value. I tried my best to correct these on photoshop, and this is about the best I can do. 
The sun is shining today and no rain is predicted for at least 24 hours, so I think I will put aside the brushes today and venture forth to the dock and water and do battle with the biting flies. Have a great weekend, wherever you may be.


  1. Oh, another absolutely beautiful painting that just oozes your signature MacDonald magic!! Even photoshop can't rob your artwork of that!

    Hope those nasty biting flies stay in the woods and away from your dock. Haliburton County sounds like a beautiful part of Ontario. Enjoy every minute, Pat!!

    1. Thanks so much, Chris! As always your kind comments are much appreciated.