Monday, 6 March 2017


36" x 48" - acrylic on canvas
I know I have said (written) this before - that one of my favourite subjects to paint is 'trees in a landscape'. Yes, the basic landscape composition. I have usually been inspired by a particular image based on a photo taken at a particular place, and then, initially, try to interpret the scene in a fairly representative (though expressive) manner. 

While painting, however, alternative interpretations or ways to reduce and further abstract the composition suggest themselves and that leads to variations on the theme. Tree'scape was inspired by the photograph (photoshopped below) I took at my cottage last October. 
The first painting on which it was based is this one, started last December. It went through several drafts, and then I stopped, as it didn't feel like 'me'. But, I began to see other possibilities, and had a large canvas........

This was stage 1......

and then stage 2......
and finally the finished work with lots of texture created through using a palette knife. 
I am really happy with the final painting, and love the palette and textural quality of the trees. If some areas look a little 'fuzzy' in the larger photo, it's because those areas of the painting are not as defined.
And of course it has led to another painting which I will post next day!


  1. Your tree landscapes fascinate me again and again .. these colors and this way the paint so !!!! Wonderful..
    Greetings Elke

  2. Patricia, I never tire of your incredible paintings of trees. This painting in particular is just a feast for my eyes!!