Sunday, 9 October 2016

Painting in Oppede-le-Vieux

Oppede-Le-Vieux Olive Grove
11" x 13" - acrylic on Canson canva paper

We had a wonderful day (I think I say this a lot) painting in the perched village of Oppede-le-Vieux. 
"Perched on the northern flank of the Petit Luberon, Oppede-Le-Vieux is a stunning mix of buildings sitting on a rocky fold that flows from the long flat summit. The properties there range from grand houses decorated with elaborate stone carvings, to ivy-clad, skeletal remains of others that open onto the street, winding its way towards ruins of the once impressive castle. Whilst most villages in this area have a polished appearance, Oppede-Le-Vieux has a natural, relaxed character that hasn’t changed over the years...." (from French Entree)

As we were staying until mid afternoon and having a picnic lunch I had lots of time to first walk through the old village, looking for a perfect view to paint, and though I saw many possibilities, I ultimately chose the one I saw last - the olive grove just outside the walls. I particularly loved the shapes of these olive trees, and had lots of fun painting them, in 3 different paintings. A fantastic day. 

After lunch I still had some time and worked on two smaller paintings featured just the trees. 
Oppede-le-Vieux 2
7.5" x 10" acrylic on Canva paper

Oppede-le-Vieux 3
7.5" x 10.5" acrylic on Canva paper

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