Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Les Bassacs Vineyard

Les Bassacs Vineyard
   10" x 12"  - acrylic on canvas paper - SOLD

Our morning painting in Murs was followed by a late afternoon session down one of the laneways from the house where we stay in Les Bassacs. The light was much better than earlier that day and I found the views more interesting - winding pathways, olive groves and vineyards. I had been hoping to paint or at least try to paint some sort of vineyard view and I had several to choose from. After a false start, I changed locations and completed stage one fairly quickly as the light and day were waning. I finished the final painting in the studio and was really happy with it. The vines and branches were a challenge but I will definitely try this subject again in the future.

Below is the actual view and stage one, and some other views I could have chosen.

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