Friday, 30 September 2016

Painting in Bonnieux - Day 2

On our second day of painting we went to the village of Bonnieux. It was another lovely warm day so it was essential to find some shade in which to set up and paint. I have been and painted there in the past so did not want to repeat myself, and finally after walking around for at least 1 of the 3 hours I had, I sat down and thought about trying a large landscape view - like this.

I quickly came to my senses,  and turned around looking for something, anything else - and  saw this view across the road. Boring, but maybe I could work with it.  

I started with a very simple line drawing, was not too fussed with perspective or proportional accuracy, and then I continued these lines through each bordering shape creating an overall composition of small intersecting/overlapping shapes and lines. At that point I began to get excited with the abstract design, and started to paint with watered down acrylics, adding extra defining pencil lines as I painted.  
This will give you an idea of how it looked after  about a half hour.

I continued to darken areas, add more opaque paint, define shapes and lines - and it finished like this. I was very happy with the result and realized the importance of sitting in front of your subject and just finding a way to express something about it!
Bonnieux Redux
12" x 16"  acrylic on Canson Canva paper

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