Thursday, 28 July 2016

Highland Landscape

Highland Landscape
20" x 24"  -  acrylic on canvas  - $250

I LOVE this painting! It is based on a small study I did a few weeks ago after visiting Scotland and posted here. I really wanted to paint that view again, but this time on canvas and using acrylic washes as opposed to opaque acrylic painting. 
To do this I started with a simple line sketch on a white primed canvas, and then 'painted' by loading my brush with the selected Liquitex soft body paint colour mixed with just enough water to make it runny, essentially painting 'wet into wet'. The beauty of using acrylic washes (rather than water colour washes) was that once the paint/canvas dried, the colours and marks were permanent, and remained undisturbed by additional washes of colour. I then added  more paint and coloured washes and the 'drips' became part of the overall composition.
Artistic license prevailed in the choice of colours and palette.The real Scottish landscape colours I saw were more what might be called 'jewel-toned' - a varied range of light and dark coloured blues, purple, and greens.  


  1. I love it too! Stunning colour and movement- and in a landscape. Just beautiful Pat! XOX

    1. Thanks DaniBP!!! Hope you are well and having a good summer!