Thursday, 14 May 2015

Provence, encore

The Luberon Valley
My bags are almost packed and I am mostly ready to go, to Provence, to Arts in Provence in the hamlet known as Les Bassacs, to paint for the next two weeks.  This will be my third time there in four years, and in this case familiarity breeds anticipation and happiness, to see, and paint that landscape (or at least give it my best shot) once again.
Last year I chose to work with watercolour and gouache which meant that I did not have to schlep heavy acrylic tubes of paint etc. and an easel around, and that made life much simpler. This year, however, I will take both watercolour and acrylics and hope that with some equipment changes – a wheeled tote bag and new easel that has an attachable tray surface -  previous difficulties will be resolved. voila...this is my new Swiss Gear Bag on wheels, which can also convert to a back pack, and will be my flight carry on bag too. I know that I am going to really like this bag -it’s not too big, not too heavy, but roomy enough for all the stuff that has to go into it once I am out en plein air.

......and this is my light weight collapsible tripod easel, now improved with the addition of a tray that attaches below the painting surface and a small plastic box that attaches behind it. Though each object is not large, each will provide some necessary storage/surface on which to place paint tubes and other items that one seems to need or use while painting. My default table in the past, was the ground but the constant bending to retrieve things was not good for my back so this has to be an improvement – don’t you think?  
......on y va!

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  1. How exciting!! Can't wait to hear more about it. Safe trip, Pat!!