Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fauvism in Rustrel

There was a warm mistral leger blowing on Tuesday this week, so we painted in the small village of Rustrel where there were streets that afforded some shelter from the wind. This is the view I chose on a quiet side street; it had an interesting combination of building shapes, rooflines and angles, as well as some green trees.  I have really been trying on this trip, to paint the local colours of what I am looking at, but today, despite the lovely subtle ochres, grey violets and greens, I decided to embrace fauvism and work with an intense colour palette and flat, lightly modelled color shapes. Et voila.......
Back in the studio after lunch I worked on a small abstracted version of a landscape I posted yesterday, and thought I think that I probably overworked it, I am still quite pleased with it, and see some potential for a much larger version when I get home.


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