Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Day 3 or is it 4?

Days are starting to slide into one another. The infamous mistral wind is blowing and weather is fresh, and at least sunny. Because of the weather we stayed close to home this morning, painting around the house at Les Bassacs. The challenge was to find a spot out of the wind, but not completely in the shade as it would be too cool. So down a path and voila the view seemed fine, and I could sit in the sun and in fact was rather warm. Three hours later I had painted these.....based on the view across the fields. I was happy with both - which was a good thing because the afternoon's excursion to an old abandoned quarry did not inspire me, though I did take many photos that may prove useful later this summer. After a day of wind and sun, good food, wine and conversation, sleep beckons!


  1. Sounds like fun....I especially like your second one.

  2. Another great day & two beautiful paintings! Thanks for sharing, Pat.