Wednesday, 27 May 2015


I am a day behind in writing these posts......yesterday we went to Bonnieux, a lovely village with wonderful views within the village itself, as well as big landscape views towards the horizon.

I painted a tree - don't ask why I chose that from all the other great possibilities, because I have no answer!  
So here is the view and my interpretation.

In the afternoon I worked on another painting that I really like, of a meadow with this lovely big tree, around the house in Les Bassacs.



  1. Your tree painting is excellent. I love the way you've captured the light.
    I tried to paint a tree once and it was a big disaster, a terrible painting. They are much more difficult to paint than one would think.
    I'm really enjoying your posts.xo

    1. Hi Danielle, I agree with you-trees are ridiculously hard to paint. Some attempts work, and many don't.