Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Promenade III

There are so many things to paint, so many subjects, so much choice. However there are times when painting another version of a subject or image seems right, and I find myself doing this of late.  As someone who interprets their subjects,  there are always many creative 'what ifs....' to decide upon. Through drawing and painting you make that subject yours, and sometimes it's hard to let go of it after just one painting......which is all a preamble to the painting I finished yesterday.

 Les Bassacs Promenade III
24" x 18"  acrylic on canvas 
This is for sale - contact me for price if interested.

This is the third painting based on a photo I took while walking near the hamlet of Les Bassacs in Provence, last May. The painting does not do the setting justice, but it does remind me of the experience of being there, the light and the arrangement of landscape forms. I particularly love the receding diagonal pathway and the pattern of dappled light and shadow on that path and through the trees.

In the first painting (at left) I tried to capture the wonderful sense of light and place through active brushwork and a limited palette.

In the second painting (at left) I returned to detail, more colour and control. 

In the latest work (above) I limited my palette again, simplified forms and kept my brushwork loose and painterly.    Will I do another version - perhaps!

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