Saturday, 27 December 2014

North Thompson River watercolour paintings

North Thompson River I
 7.5" x 7" - watercolour on arches paper - $25

Every once in a while I get out my watercolours and play, which means that I experiment with the paint, and try to work freely and spontaneously. I love working wet colour into wet colour and seeing what happens. That is what I did the other day. I like to work on several (1- 4+) compositions at once, and even the same image because so often when painting in acrylic, I reach a point when I think oh it would be cool if I did this and changed this and will do another to see what that is like etc., but then don't.  

North Thompson River II
6.5" x 6" - watercolour on arches paper - $25

These two small watercolours are based on a photo I took while travelling in western Canada a year or so ago and show the North Thompson River, near Kamloops in British Columbia. The photo does not do the view or landscape justice - but I hope that my small paintings do! Cheers!

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