Saturday, 1 March 2014

Big Macks

Big Macks
20" x 24" acrylic on canvas
This is for sale - contact me for price if interested.
My husband has turned into quite a successful fisherman lately - and this means that we have been eating fresh fish, including flounder, whiting, back drum, sheepshead, redfish and Spanish mackerel, almost every day.  Yum!
I always take pictures of the catch - and in my quest to paint different subjects, differently (and get unstuck) - I painted these 2 mackerels based on the photo below.  It's interesting to see how similar they look (well of course they do as they are the same species!) but they actually look different too, and I don't think it's just the way they are posed in the photo.

Did I get stuck or feel stalled while painting this? Yes, at one point I did, and that's when I got out my pastels and started drawing on top of the acrylic paint, fixed that, and then continued painting. Several years ago I often added (soft) pastel marks/lines on top of many of my acrylic paintings, at different points in the process of  painting - liking the graphic natures of the lines and the way it stopped me from making things precious, and forcing a little boldness. As for the colour and palette I chose - these guys were good looking - and deserved a fitting colourful tribute. 

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