Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Redstone River Recollect

In previous posts I have mentioned that I spend the summer months in Haliburton. We have a small cottage on a large island on Redstone Lake, a beautiful pristine lake that is clean, deep and utterly rejuvenating. Driving to and from the boat landing we pass the Redstone River which connects our lake with Eagle Lake next door. Though this river is really not much more than a stream as it is shallow and its' width varies throughout the season, I am always fascinated by how it curves and meanders towards the road.  It is one of my favourite views in Haliburton and each time I see it, we have to stop the car so I can take more pictures of it.
I have painted this river several times now as I am inspired with each new photo and of course the changes that appear with each new season. I just finished the latest variation on this theme four days ago and here it is:
A Summer Day on the Redstone River    24" x 30"   SOLD
Here is a slightly different view I started last spring, and finally finished in September. I love the different palette temperatures - how the warm yellows, oranges and pinks suggest a summer afternoon in the painting above while the acidic yellow greens suggest a spring morning in the painting below.

Almost There   24" x 36"  SOLD
During a workshop I conducted this fall for SOYRA (the Society of York Region Artists) on how to use soft pastel with acrylic paints, I used this subject for my demonstration. I actually did two versions, both much more stylized and looser (and smaller) than the larger paintings above. 

River Encore I    16" x 20"

River Encore II     16" x 20"
And the last one I want to include in this collection is a landscape I included in one of my first posts, and my first painting based on this subject:

August Afternoon on the Redstone River    30"x30" sold
I love this subject and I am sure I will work on it again. What do you think about using the same subject again and again?

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