Saturday, 31 March 2018

Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters
acrylic & inktense pencils on heavy archival paper - 11" x 13" - $50

This painting was inspired by another that I finished recently - a larger (24" x 30") acrylic work on canvas. I have painted this subject (reflections in water of shoreline, trees and rocks) many times, in a variety of ways ranging from somewhat naturalistic to fairly stylized and abstract. Once I finished the larger painting, I continued to think about extending it into another and because working on paper gives one a sense of a freedom and allows mixing of media more easily, it was the surface of choice. I am quite happy with the results. Unfortunately the surface qualities and transparency of the colour layers does not come through on the screen as well as in life, but that's life in the digital age, I guess. 

Below is the first painting, which I am still contemplating. Now, not so sure it is finished.....any comments?

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  1. I really like this stylized/abstracted look. The first image is rich with the range of values and colours. The second image is more ethereal and seems to be more in a mid to light value range. I think it depends on what you the artist want to convey - they are both lovely paintings.