Sunday, 2 July 2017

St. Saturnin les Apt - Two 'Plein-Air' Views and their Progressive Stages

Last September I painted this scene, but from the other direction. Because the scene combined landscape 'elements' I like (interesting tree shapes, bushes, a road, a small building, and sky) I decided to paint it again when back there in June, but looking the other way down the lane. Below are the stages, from drawing to finished painting. 

Stage 1 - drawing the scene - liking the level of detail and loose scribbly lines.
Stage 2 - scrubbing in the dark values, not worrying about losing lines and details; liking the notan-like composition 
Stage 3 - adding more colour and middle values; liking the white bits still visible
Stage 4 - have added a lot more green, mixed and straight from the tube, starting to work on refining areas. 
Stage 5 - more colour, more refinement, more painting. 

Finished:  St. Sat Back Street 
14" x 16" - acrylic on canvas paper 
I am happy with the finished painting, but I have to say that I liked some of the earlier stages more. There is something about their 'incompleteness' that suggests spontaneity, or maybe just the potential for artful decision-making. Something to keep in mind while painting in the future, both plein-air and in the studio!!!

I did have a little more time that morning and because I felt the need to not be so careful or controlled, I started another painting of the same view. I think you can see or feel the sense of energy I had in the initial drawing below. 
Then I kept painting.....and then it was lunch! Yeah.

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  1. Fabulous post! Love the art & love your thoughts about the work!!