Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Tree Paintings from Provence.....

I know that I paint a lot of trees - single trees and groups and forests of trees.....and here is the proof that they are a favourite subject, even when travelling......
Big Tree Behind LesB
14" x 12" - acrylic on canvas paper - $75
I have painted this 'big' tree before because I love the dappled sunlight and distant trees behind the main event.

Bonnieux Trees
17" x 12" - acrylic on canvas paper - $75
Another scene I have painted in other years, but in this the two very different trees take the limelight.

Below the Village of Murs
14" x 14" - acrylic on canvas paper - $75
I walked down from the village and found a big tree to sit under, looked across the field and painted this one. 

In the Distance
15" x 14" - acrylic on paper - $75
If you look at the horizon line on the left in the painting Below the Village of Murs (above this one) you will see two small trees in the distance - which became the subject in this small painting, directly above.


  1. Trees - nobody paints them better!! I'm glad they are your favorite subject!!