Friday, 17 February 2017

'Almost There' - the new name for a 'Landscape'

Almost There (Landscape) 
24" X 30"  - acrylic on canvas - $450
I am so happy to post this painting and show how it evolved from a small watercolour study to the final rectangular version you see above. 

It is based on a very simple scene photographed from my car window (in which I was the passenger of course) several years ago. I liked the vertical dead trees, dark backdrop of woods, long grasses in the foreground and bright spots of colour in the photo and always felt I could do something with it. 
The first rendition was a watercolour study, presented in a square format, and very abstracted, focusing on the far background band of trees and splashy, colourful foreground, connected with some vertical lines suggesting the clump of trees in the photo. 
I really liked this study and used it as the basis for a larger (36"x36") acrylic canvas painting - you can see how similar they were. However, though I loved the abstraction and looseness of the acrylic work, I remained unsure as to next steps. I really wanted to just leave it as it was, but so much of the canvas was not painted and I felt that if I continued to just fill in un-painted areas I would probably lose what I liked. So, after many months I regret to say that I whited it out the painting. Oh well. 
Recently I decided to have another kick at painting this composition and abstracting it using colour and line, but this time changed the format to a horizontal rectangle, something inherently more suggestive of a landscape. This is stage one.
Then using black paint and a brush I made lots of calligraphic marks. Fun.
Then, added more paint and colour and finally finished the painting.
A great painting experience and i think, a successful result.


  1. Your masterful use of color makes my heart sing! What a gorgeous painting!

    1. Thanks Chris, your comments are so appreciated.


  2. Thank you for showing the individual steps from the picture.
    Beautifully painted with these colors of joy in the countryside!
    Have a nice Weekend!