Friday, 29 July 2016

Shoreline Blues - a Daily Paintworks "Pick of the Day" on DPW-FB

Shoreline Blues
24" x 30" - acrylic on canvas - $400

In between drawing and painting views of Scotland (inspired by photos from a recent trip there) I have also been painting views inspired by my present location, at a cottage on a beautiful lake in Haliburton County, in northern 'cottage-country' Ontario. This painting is based on a photo I took from a canoe. 
I worked on this painting after Highland Landscape and used a similar wet-into-wet-acrylic-wash technique to apply the paint and build up layers of colour as you can see in these progress photos. 

At this point I began to add more opaque colours and though it  appears less 'transparent' than Highland Landscape, some of that spontaneity has been maintained. I have been thinking about this particular scene and composition for a long time and am happy to have finally painted it (done!) and i am really happy with this way it turned out. I love the graphic nature of the composition, the abstracted reflection shapes, and the analogous colour palette. 


  1. Hi Patricia

    I have just discovered your website via Marion Boddy-Evans' site. I love this painting! It is interesting to see the progressive stages of the work.


    1. Hi Jude,
      Thanks so much for your nice comments! And it's always interesting to hear how one comes across a blog. I see from your blog that you are a fellow Canadian of about the same age! Cheers.