Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pears and Painting

I love painting pears. They are my default subject when I need to paint or need to just re-boot. That happened when I arrived at my cottage a few weeks ago. 
Pear Down
8" x 10"  acrylic on canvas  
This one is all about 'point of view' and composition: painting the pears 
from above, looking down, and positioning them so that they are barely
contained within the frame.  

Edgy Pear
9" x7"  acrylic on canvas  
Edgy as in 'on the edge' of falling off the table and cloth. Cezanne painted the most beautiful fruit on planes that tilted and did not always make   sense, except to him. This one started out as a grisaille, which is basically a painting done in grey values first and then coloured with layers of transparent glazes. However I did have to add some white to some of the colours to achieve what I wanted. A few of the stages are below. Cheers! 
These are for sale - contact me for prices if interested.

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