Monday, 23 February 2015

Snoozin at the Beach

Snoozin at the Beach
24" x 36" - acrylic on canvas - SOLD
I worked on this painting all of last week and finally finished it yesterday. I have been thinking about doing a largish version of this subject (based on a photo I took several years ago) after painting smaller, separate versions of each figure, last year - which you can see here and here. 

The first challenge was to draw each figure accurately on paper, and then to draw them accurately on the canvas, positioned where I wanted them, slightly off-centre. Once the initial drawing was done, I used a grid to transfer the image onto the canvas. Painting the figures was relatively easy, however, as I proceeded I had to correct drawing inaccuracies made on the original drawing (and transferred to the canvas) and then re-work the chair legs which were not as clearly visible in the photo. This I did by locating a similar fold-up beach chair and drawing it instead.

I love this relaxed couple, dozing in their chairs in the Florida sunshine, and I am very happy with the final painting, and glad  that it is now out of my 'painting' system!

Here are some details - but  please note that once again I have had problems photographing the reds - in actual fact the skin tones are not quite so sun-burnt!


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