Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Night Fall

8" x 6.5" - watercolour on paper - $25

Another of the abstract experimental landscapes I painted last weekend.  I began each painting with almost no idea of what exactly I wanted to paint beyond using lots of colour and allowing them to mingle on the paper. Once the first few colours were laid down then landscape ideas suggested themselves and I went from there. Here I painted broad bands of blue and then yellow which became sky. Once it was dry I then loaded my brush with lots of juicy wet paint to form the tree tops and then used the end of the brush to drag some of the paint down to form the trunks (I did go back in later when the canopy was dry and add some gouache). I really like how the trees are backlit and how the 'light' seems to shine through foreground hills. All quite serendipitous, but seems to work.

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