Saturday, 14 June 2014

Painting in Saignan

Saignan is a village perched at the top of a hill behind a large rock which dominates the Luberon valley - and was another location where we spent the morning painting. Two years ago when there, I spent most of that time wandering up and down the narrow streets, looking for the perfect view (and spot in which to sit to paint it), and ended up just taking a lot of photos - for later use. When home I did paint this - and guess what - the blue car is still there.
Blue Car at Saignan
18" x 14"  acrylic on canvas  $250

On this trip I discovered a wonderful vista looking across the valley, and quickly settled down (amongst the bees, and errant poppies growing up between the flagstones) to paint...... 

Several hours later this is what I had.......

and for fun I also did this.....all in all a great day in Saignan.

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