Friday, 13 June 2014

Painting in Joucas

Joucas is a pretty little village in the Luberon Vallery (Provence). I painted there two years ago, and did a landscape scene looking up to the village through the vineyard....

It was fun to return in May, and settle quickly on a painting site.....


I sat at the left side of this narrow street, that looks up to the local church, with my painting paraphernalia at my feet, and worked on a water colour painting. I really liked the long 'sweep' up towards the church door, and wanted to accentuate that, and of course change the colours that I saw...

As you can see at some point I decided to darken the sky in the painting, and introduced some gouache and pencil crayon lines into the mix. Now home, I am thinking about a larger acrylic version of this subject. The challenge (well one of many actually) will be to capture the spontaneity of the water colour medium but using acrylics on canvas. That will mean working with more fluid paint, and stopping earlier than I often do.  I will add this to the 'paintings to work on' list, as I give it more thought. 


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