Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Painting with Mosaic Tiles - just for fun


We are doing some front yard landscaping here in Florida, and re-inventing our front door entrance and walkway. This is what it looked like a few days ago. As you can see there are gardens on either side of the door into the porch. Those hideous pink stepping stones will disappear and the pathway will be re-configured into an S curve. BUT it's the concrete 5' square pad in front of the door, that was calling to me. The simplest thing to do would be tile with a nice porcelain tile it, but that seemed too boring and I wanted to try something else. Why not a floor mosaic picture instead? Of course I have never done, let alone tiling work, before, but, thankfully, my patient and clever husband (the original DIY-selfer extraordinaire) has. I decided on an underwater scene of fish - the blue colours fit with my interior design palette of whites, blues and greens, and my husband loves to fish.  Here is my design.......

We went shopping and found lots of small decorative tile items on sale, bought a selection, brought them home and then I began to play. In starting I divided the tiles into piles, one for each fish, like this......  


 Then I began to lay out each pile of tiles in patterns on the cardboard fish templates I had cut to scale. As in painting, you start with one idea and it evolves, and so here too. I began with the top/biggest fish and soon realized that I would not be able to stick to my earlier pile tile decisions, but that was ok. After several hours this is what I had. Now I just have to start!

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