Friday, 15 March 2013

Eramosa River View

Eramosa River View
24" x 20" - acrylic in canvas - SOLD
I have been working on four different paintings over the last week and each is starting to come together.  I finished this one yesterday - a view based on a photo (see below) that I took last October when walking with my husband and dog. What attracted me to this scene (and most scenes I paint) were the elements of 'water, land and sky'.  As I am not a plein air painter I feel quite free to interpret the chosen view in a creative, personal way - and begin with simplifying and abstracting the shapes of the elements, refining and recomposing. Colour and palette is determined through experimentation until harmony is achieved and expresses my visual experience of time and place.  Though it was not a sunny day when I took this photo, the air was crisp and pleasant and the place was peaceful save for the sounds of nature.

 Eramosa River at Rockwood Conservation Area,
near Guelph ON, 

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