Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Old Ochre Quarry

One painting spot in Provence, was an old ochre quarry (on Les Chemins des Pradelles) about 15 minutes from Les Bassacs, our home base. This enormous rock with it's bullseye hole stood at the entrance. I set up my easel across the road from it, in a (dry) ditch and used the road as my table. I was only able topaint for an hour before the sun became too strong and I had to pack up and move. This is what I did in the first hour. I really liked the painterly and graphic qualities - but it didn't feel finished.

Later that day I worked on it in the studio, and added in the surrounding greenery to give it a context.
I am very happy with it - love the colours and the grandeur of this wonderful rock formation.

Ochre Rock
acrylic on canvas - 14" x 18"

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