Thursday, 9 February 2012

Starting a Painting

It has been a busy 2 weeks.....moving  from a large house where we have lived for over 26 years (not to mention the prior purging and packing) to a condo, two blocks away from our old neighbourhood, unpacking a few boxes, and then leaving for Florida......where I am now,  and feeling much more relaxed, and best of all - ready to start painting. I always find this a little 'scary' after being away from daily painting for so long. What to paint? Do I go back to my sketchbooks, picture files, set up a still life, go back to some unfinished painting with fresh eyes or just dive in and see what happens. I have to tell myself that it probably won't be a masterpiece, but a start - and that's what counts. 
Here is what I am presently looking at and thinking about - a large (36" x 72") canvas that I threw colour at last November when I was here. It needs lots of work, because it doesn't know what it is, yet, and it's hanging in my living-dining-kitchen room so I can't escape it. 

I could carry on with its geometric forms and lines, and/or allow them to evolve into something more objective and recognizable. To do that I will start by turning it 90 and then 180 degrees, though I would prefer to maintain the horizontality (is that a word?) of the canvas. I think more drawing is also required. Stream of consciousness? Perhaps I will listen to some music and seek inspiration there. Or do you see windows? Or bird's eye views of the land? I am thinking Richard Diebenkorn, whose work I love!!!! 
Enough writing, it's time to get out the paint.
Stay tuned.....

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  1. I love what you have started here. Something to look forward to--to see where you'll go with it. Bold size. Blessings on all your moving--I can't imagine!