Monday, 13 February 2012

The Palm Trees are Everywhere

Well, I stared at that large painting (mentioned in the last post) and froze up. So instead of painting, I washed the floor and cleaned the bathroom. I realised that I had to start small, and so found some very small canvases and began to paint sheep. The first and smallest (6 x 8) was ok but the second was a disaster. Neither of these will be posted at this point. I finally got somewhere with this.

Palm Trees and Leaves
20" x 16"
I am in the Sunshine State and everywhere I look, I see palm trees. Of course they are not red, orange or yellow, but beautiful shades of green. I have taken great liberties in this work - meant to be an impression of the larger scene - and have used the intense colours of the bougainvillea and other tropical flowers in bloom.
Have a great day!

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