Sunday, 15 January 2012

DPW Breakfast Challenge

Last week while packing my studio, I took small breaks from the chaos and worked on a little painting to submit to the Daily Paintworks weekly challenge to paint your breakfast. Once I decided on what that would be, I set up the still life and took photos of it, knowing that painting it would be interrupted during the week. Once I found a composition I liked (for its somewhat abstract nature) I started off by painting a grisaille - basically a value painting - intending then to complete the painting with layers of colour glazes. 
I was happy with this (above) but of course made changes as I proceeded. And here is the finished painting  - only a day late as there is a new weekly challenge. I will submit it anyway as it's my first!
Have a great day!
Breakfast is Served
(10" x 8")

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