Saturday, 1 October 2011

Haliburton Highlands 'inspired' Landscapes

Each summer I spend some time in the Haliburton area - an area full of beautiful lakes, rolling hills and evergreen forests, about 3 hours north-east of Toronto. On one of our trips north a couple of years ago, I began taking pictures of the passing scenery, from the car window - don't worry my husband was driving.   I had been searching for landscape material and became fascinated with these roadside views of wetlands. I became rather obsessive about taking these photos and continued to point and shoot through the window,  in the fall and the next spring. The result was a series of paintings inspired by these marsh areas. As you can see in the four paintings here, I have simplified forms and used more expressive colour. It was also with this series that I began to use (soft) pastel overtop of the acrylic paint, as a way to add some distinctive line detail. It is a techniques that I have continued to develop.

Next time I will show you the Haliburton landscapes I painted this past summer.

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