Wednesday, 14 March 2018

More sketchbook painting ......

A few more little paintings from my sketchbook while travelling. As you can see I was 'all over the map' in terms of subject matter, working from some old photos, and just creating from my head, other images. 
But good fun none the less. 


  1. The colour in these is wonderful! Love the intensity of it and with the line work and great shapes - so much energy! Especially love your dog - 'Molly' - this must be one of your labs - she has such beautiful soulful eyes. I can't get over how intense your watercolour is (assuming watercolour?) It must have been 'freeing' being 'all over the map' - sometimes I don't think we allow ourselves the time to do this. Hope you have more paintings to show from you sketchbook. Just love your work! Have a great day.

  2. These are all watercolours! I sort of treat them like acrylic , using lots of pigment and not much water. I too love the intensity. The dog is my old (late) lab Molly. Still missing her. It's the year of the dog in China and elsewhere in Asia, so paintings dogs seems to be in order.
    Thanks, for your lovely comments - and have a great day yourself!