Monday, 3 July 2017

Painting the Broom near the Falaise de Madeleine (Lioux, Provence)

Broom and Falaise
12" x 14" - acrylic on canvas paper - SOLD
The tiny village of Lioux is situated in the Luberon Regional Nature Park. The surrounding countryside is beautiful  and dominated by a huge cliff, called the Falaise de Madeleine.  This imposing grey limestone cliff is a over 700 meters long and more than 100 meters high, and literally towers over the village beside it. The views of the cliff from a distance, however, are quite magnificent and that's where we went to paint, earlier in June. Once there I spent the first half hour wandering, taking photos and of course sourcing the perfect view to paint.  

The lavender had not yet bloomed, but the yellow broom was glorious and finally led me to a spot sitting under an apricot tree in an orchard across a small lane looking at this view....

And....if you want to SEE me painting (for about 5 seconds!) go here and click on this photo....

A great painting morning - and best of all - I have lots more material to work from, and wonderful memories of time and place.


  1. Wonderful painting with which to celebrate this awesome trip! Looking forward to seeing more.
    And it was so nice to see you painting even if only for five seconds.

    1. Chris, you are always so generous with your comments - I do appreciate them!