Tuesday, 14 June 2016


30" x 24"  - acrylic & collage papers on canvas - $ 400
I can't really say where this came 'from', other than my imagination and the work I have been doing lately which has involved high horizon lines and abstracted shapes to suggest the 'land' below. When I began this painting I knew that I wanted to work with less colour (a challenge for me) and lots of neutral greys, which is how I began.


detail of top of painting

As I painted I began to add some cream, grey, black and printed Japanese collage papers which provided some interesting texture. And of course some colour did get mixed into my greys. I am really happy with the finished painting and must say that the computer screen does not do it justice - it really is quite stunning when you see the varied quality of the surface and different layers or strata. The top of the painting with the blue sky and orange trees glows literally with light.  Cheers!

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