Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Variations on a Theme: the Church at Joucas

In a recent post I talked about painting this scene in the Provencale village of Joucas. I really love the way the church appears 'up' and at the end of the narrow street, peeking out between buildings on either side, and the 'path' that leads up to the church door but is not a path but really sort of a ditch for the rain water to drain down hill. 

Last week I re-visited this image, and painted three more versions. 
Two are really just done with different palettes and the middle one is a little looser and more abstract. 
All are acrylic on acrylic paper, and approximately 24" x 18", and available ($95 each).
Joucas 1
Joucas 2
Joucas 3

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