Wednesday, 2 April 2014

who knew rocks could be so interesting

18" x 18" - acrylic and pastel on archival acrylic paper - $125

Last summer I started really looking at rocks - particularly the big ones that line the shores of lakes and larger bodies of water. I have been fortunate to travel to places where there are bodies of water, both wild and tranquil, and so I have many photos showing rocks in a wide variety of forms and settings. I painted these two landscapes as a result of that thematic interest.

Rocky Shore Georgian Bay
Georgia Bay Vista

Then I began to focus on the rocks and their shapes and became intrigued with how abstract they could appear, especially when enlarged, simplified and emboldened with expressive colour, and I painted these.

BAlancing Act
Rock and Roll

All of which brings me to 'now' and what I have been painting recently - more rocks. The work at the top of this post is called 'Rockettes' (with all that pink I had to name it something that sounded feminine) and is based on a photo of rocks in water, but if you don't see the water that's ok - just imagine the warm summer sun setting, and enjoy the arrangement of shapes. 

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