Friday, 30 March 2012

Pomme Poms

Pomme Poms  
(10"x10", acrylic/canvas)
This week's challenge on the Daily Paintworks website involved painting values and apples. I found two apples in the back of my refrigerator and painted them yesterday. As I often listen to Espace Musique on CBC Radio (the French music station from Montreal) my mind turned to the word for apple in French - pomme. As I was painting two of them - Pomme Pomme seemed like a possible title - and that  sounded like pom pom (as in cheerleader), so I combined the two for the title. 

As I painted I thought about how symbolic the apple has been in art and how often it appears in still life are some of my favourites.....enjoy!

Magritte: The Son of Man, 1964

Cezanne:Still Life with Apples and Pot of Primroses, 1890

Durer: Adam and Eve, 1507

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  1. Nice shadows they look cool,especially against the warm reds.