Friday, 17 February 2012

Why Paint One When You Can Paint Three?

Yesterday I worked on New Hat, a painting based on a photo of our daughter. I made some changes that I am quite happy with, and others that I am not. It continues to be a work in progress, and I will post it here soon. While working on it I also started another painting - which you can see below.

Last fall I painted a couple of still life paintings in which I lost and found edges, blurring the lines between object and ground and thus played with space and illusion. I have wanted to continue exploring these ideas, and because the canvases on hand were 24" squares, I decided to put several together and create a triptych. I drew the objects on the canvases with a water colour pencil crayon, and then went over the lines with acrylic paint.  At that point I wasn't sure what I had - so I started just filling in the shapes with colour. 

I know it looks like a cartoon - but it will change when I can get back to it. More colour, more drawing, some additions and subtractions. I am looking forward to this one (or three).  But if you don't see much in the next week it's because our daughter is arriving today for her university winter break and spending time with her will be a priority. I am sure you will understand!

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