Sunday, 22 January 2012

Otis the Cat

My house (I am moving in a week) is full of packed and labelled boxes, and I am waiting to start the move next weekend. Can one be too ready? Yesterday I dug out some paints and a panel and started this little work. Finished it today.

Otis I
acrylic on panel board,  8'"x10"
This is Otis - a most handsome feline, owned by the daughter of someone I know (actually my dentist). She quite liked my Diva Kitty painting and so has commissioned me to do a portrait of young Otis.  I don't normally do this kind of thing - but what the heck - the Diva was fun to paint, and it's not a big stretch from sheep and labs to cats. And she has provided me with some great photos to work with. She tells me that Otis is quite a character, so I want to capture that pizazz, hence the exaggerated colours. Not sure what kind of cat he is - a long haired orange tabby cat? I am hoping to do several versions - because I like his looks - and then she has more to choose from.

Now that I look at this - the big reddish area on the (his) left side of his face looks a little weird. Funny how things can look 'different' (better or worse) on your computer screen than when looking at the actual painting. Maybe I should change that. What do you think?

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